Graduate Intern Program

At Leyden DuPage Counseling Service, we are a committed to the furthering theadolesc counsel profession of psychotherapy.  We have recently begun a Graduate Intern Program that allows our tenured therapists to help train and mentor graduate-level students in local Psychology or Social Work programs.  As part of the applied education process for psychotherapists, University work is coupled with real-life, hands on clinical work.

Our diversity in fields of study and experience allows our clinicians to provide exceptional supervision to students as they provide services to couples, families, and children that may be experiencing a broad spectrum of psychological disorders and family issues. We offer a reduced rate for these services and the client receives twice the level of expertise in services as they have a student that has completed coursework in the latest developments within the field and the professional guidance of a tenured staff clinician.

As a faith-informed practice, our Graduate Intern program allows us to provide service to a wider socioeconomic group of individuals.  This helps us deliver compassionate and research-based interventions to people who need it, regardless of insurance.  We offer these services in English and Spanish.

The goal of our Graduate Intern program is to give back to the fields of Psychology and Social work by guiding students towards practical applications of current curriculum that support positive, long-term psychotherapy for our patients.  These interventions guide people of all backgrounds to embrace new life strategies and insights that will carry them into a healthier and more positive realm so they can enjoy life like never before.

Call us today at (630) 368-9100 so we can assess whether or not a Graduate Intern is a good option for you, and help you set up an appointment.

Meet our Graduate Intern!