Park Ridge Marriage Counseling

Leyden DuPage Counseling Service is recognized for specializing in premarital counseling, marriage counseling and Christian counseling throughout the Greater Chicago Metropolitan Area.  We strive to help our Park Ridge patients adopt new strategies that will aid them in developing healthier relationships so their lives will be more pleasurable.  We will counsel you on your own or together with your partner to deal with your problems, resolve conflicts, and rebuild trust and hope in your relationships.  Across the years, we have assisted many Park Ridge couples resolve their differences and helped them in enhancing permanent outcomes.

Park Ridge Couples Counseling

Our skilled and licensed therapists provide a vast array of professional services in the following areas:

·        Children/Adolescent Emotional Reactions;
·        Christian Counseling (if requested);
·        Communication between Spouses/Partners;
·        Conflict Resolution/Anger Management;
·        Infidelity;
·        Marriage Counseling/Couples Counseling;
·        Premarital Counseling;
·        Separation/Divorce; and
·        Trust Issues.

Park Ridge Relationship Counseling

Further, we endeavor to support our Park Ridge patients in isolating and solving conflicts in order to improve and revitalize their relationships.  Our professional therapists can help, if you are:

  • Considering separation or divorce;
  • Feeling like you have tried everything and have run out of solutions;
  • Noticing emotional, behavior, or learning problems with your children as a reaction to your relationship problems;
  • Or experiencing trust issues related to infidelity; and
  • Tired of arguing over and over about the same problems with no results.

Park Ridge Christian Counseling

Lately, we have been helping couples from Park Ridge through couples counseling.  After they have been successful at reaching new and improved communication skills, they are often able to rebuild their relationships.  For the compassion your partnership deserves, call us today at: (630) 339-7290, and let the healing begin!

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