Pornography Addiction

pornPornography addiction not only affects you but it also affects everyone around you. You alienate yourself, your intimate relationship with your partner or spouse becomes strained, and you live in an unhealthy fantasy world that no real person can ever live up to. You may feel shame and guilt. You may also feel that you are too addicted to stop. We can help. Our compassionate, experienced, and licensed counselors can work with you to help you stop.

You will not be judged or ridiculed for your addiction. We truly want to help you.

With pornography addiction, your relationship with your partner or spouse can become damaged emotionally and mentally. It is not healthy to live in a false world of porn. The most damaging effect of pornography addiction is damaging relationships and interfering with intimacy, creating trust issues, and emotional distance from your partner. With our methods of treatment, we can assist you in quitting this addiction while working to restore your relationship with your loved one.

Our trained counselors will work with you individually and with the important person in your life if appropriate. At Leyden, we utilize an array of treatment methods including Cognitive Behavior Therapy to identify the root of the problem, other reasons you may be lead to pornography, and how to recover from this. We want to help you get past this with our support and help.

Signs you may have a Pornography Addiction:

  • More and more of your time is spent with pornography
  • You feel extremely tempted when you’re alone
  • Viewing pornography may be progressing to more hard-core pornography
  • You are being more emotionally distant and having more conflict with your partner
  • You are minimizing and justifying your behavior

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