Schaumburg Anger Management

Leyden DuPage Counseling Service is well-known for having the most professional anger management therapists who deliver exceptional anger management counseling to patients within the Greater Chicago Metropolitan Area.  They strive to help Schaumburg patients with professional and compassionate anger management counseling so they will be able to develop improved ways to deal with conflict.  Our counselors assist Schaumburg patients in their anger management classes so they can learn healthy and appropriate ways to manage their anger and other feelings.  Some of the symptoms that reveal you may have an anger management problem are:

●       Have a hard time letting go of the past or past hurts;
●       Uncontrollable moments of rage or anger;
●       Verbally and/or physically abusive;
●       You are overly defensive;
●       You become angry quickly and often; and
●       Your anger has involved the court, the need for an Anger Management Evaluation, classes, or hours of psychotherapy.
Remember, you are not alone, and we can help.

Schaumburg Anger Management Counseling

Our skilled and certified anger management therapists have the knowledge, patience, empathy and compassion to help Schaumburg patients move beyond their anger and learn how to recognize and steer clear of disagreements in order to enhance and reestablish their relationships.

Schaumburg Anger Management Classes

If you have detected that even the smallest annoyance angers you and causes stress and relationship problems between you and the people in your life, you can count on our experienced anger management therapists to help you learn how to control your anger.  For us to best comprehend your problem, call us today at: (630) 368-9100.  You’re in good hands with Leyden.

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