At Leyden Dupage Counseling, we specialize in couples and marriage counseling. If you feel like your marriage is on a roller coaster ride and you keep coming back to the same issues, take the first step and give us a call…we can help. At Leyden, we know that marriage and relationships take work – a lot of work. But we know that if both people are willing to put in a healthy effort to make the marriage or relationship work, the blessings and rewards that come from that are truly astounding. Read More.


Anger management is not something we take lightly at Leyden. It can affect your entire outlook on life while taking a huge emotional toll on your relationships and overall health. The smallest annoyance can make you angry causing tension with the people around you and causing your stress levels to skyrocket. If you suffer with anger management, many times you may find yourself escalating and going from one subject to the next without being able to resolve the issue at hand. Read More.


If you are Christian, we understand how important it is for you to have Jesus at the center of your life. Because of this, we offer Christian counseling at all of our locations-Simply request a Christian counselor when setting your initial appointment. Our Christian counselors are fully-licensed, trained, and professional while bringing Christian beliefs and values of compassion, empathy, and being non-judgmental into your sessions. Read More.


No one wants to admit they may be depressed. But realizing and admitting you may suffer with depression is the first step towards healing. If you are depressed, you may feel completely alone, sad more than happy, insecure, hopeless, or filled with self-doubt. It’s common for most people to feel depressed at some point in their lives but some may experience deeper, longer-lasting periods of depression that can last months or even years. This is when it is time to seek professional help. Read More.


Anxiety is one of the worst feelings to experience. It causes the feeling of worry, fear, panic, or apprehension that can seem overwhelming or unsettling. Almost everyone will experience the feeling of anxiety at some time in their lives. If anxiety begins to affect your thinking, relationships, or everyday living in a negative, counseling will help. Read More


Life can be just as difficult for children as it is for adults. There is a misconception that because children don’t have the same adult responsibilities and emotions as adults to, that they have it easy and the confusing mixed emotions they express are minimized as them just being kids. In fact, children more often than not have to deal with the same stresses as adults do including separation, divorce, insecurity, illness, bullying, addiction, death, and rejection. Read More


Raising children can be difficult and can become increasingly more difficult when they enter pre-teen and teenage years. Teenagers who are asserting their independence sometimes do so by being rebellious and making impulsive decisions that are not healthy or safe. Other times, they may have more of a problem with their emotions, isolating themselves, showing signs of depression, and difficulty managing their anger or problems with friends. Read More


At Leyden, we have an amazing staff of professional and respected counselors that specialize in dealing with addictions and addictive behaviors. Addictions can take over your life when you begin to see the most important relationships and the things most important to you begin to slip away, be threatened, or deteriorate. Read More


We all experience grief and feel tremendous loss when we lose a loved one or a family pet. Certainly grief affects all members of the family but it does affect every person differently. The level of grief depends on the degree of trauma, loss, or hurt and how long you have experienced that feeling. Read More


Firefighters have one of the most heroic and rewarding jobs in the world. Yet so overlooked is the career-related stress and emotional burden this job has on an increasingly large number of firefighters. Firefighters see death, loss, and hardship more than most job professions. They are usually first-response at fires, automobile accidents, suicides, just to list a few. Because of this, they statistically have higher divorce rates and are at greater risk to be addicted to drugs, alcohol, and gambling. Read More