South Loop Marriage Counseling

Leyden DuPage Counseling Service specializes in relationship counseling, marriage counseling and Christian counseling within the Greater Chicago Metropolitan Area.  We strive to help our South Loop patients accept new approaches and insights that will carry them into healthier and more positive relationships so their lives will be more pleasurable.  We will counsel you individually or together to best understand your problems, work-out conflicts, and restore trust and hope in your relationship.  Throughout the years, we have assisted numerous South Loop couples settle their differences and helped them develop permanent outcomes.

South Loop Couples Counseling

Our well-trained and licensed professional therapists provide a vast array of services and proficiency, in the following areas:

·        Children/Adolescent Emotional Reactions;
·        Christian Counseling (if requested);
·        Communication between Spouses/Partners;
·        Conflict Resolution/Anger Management;
·        Infidelity;
·        Marriage Counseling/Couples Counseling;
·        Premarital Counseling;
·        Separation/Divorce; and
·        Trust Issues.

South Loop Relationship Counseling

In the long run, we endeavor to help our South Loop patients to identify and put an end to conflicts in order to enrich and restore their relationships.  Our licensed professional therapists can help, if you are:

  • Considering separation or divorce;
  • Feeling like you have tried everything and have run out of solutions;
  • Noticing emotional, behavior, or learning problems with your children as a reaction to your relationship problems;
  • Or experiencing trust issues related to infidelity; and
  • Tired of arguing over and over about the same problems with no results.

South Loop Christian Counseling

Lately, we have been aiding many couples from South Loop through effective relationship counseling.  Once couples have been able to achieve new and improved communication skills, they are often able to restore their relationship.  For the care and consideration your partnership deserves, call us today at: (630) 339-7290, and let the healing begin!

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