Substance Abuse

substanceSubstance abuse is also known as drug abuse. It is using drugs inappropriately and illegally to get high and/or not feel physical or emotional pain. Substance abuse includes the usage of illegal drugs, prescription medications, inhalants, and injections. When someone starts abusing drugs they never mean for it to get “out of hand” yet become addicted to drugs over a certain amount of time. Statistics have proven time and again that if a person incorrectly uses substances, he or she will more than likely become addicted. Some people become addicted to pain killers after an injury or surgery and over time, become dependent on the medication even though they don’t need it. It can happen that easily.

Signs You May Be Abusing Substances:

  • You become dependent on the drugs you’re taking, even if they are prescribed by your doctor. You don’t use them to treat pain but just to “feel good.”
  • You’re use of substances is causing problems with you and your friends and family
  • You lie and/or hide your use of substances
  • Incorrect use of substances has gotten you into trouble with the law
  • You participate in dangerous behavior and patterns to get substances

These are just a few of the signs of someone that is abusing and addicted to substances. Luckily, there is hope and we at Leyden want to help you. We can treat the addiction and heal you so that you can gain control of your life again and live a productive and fulfilled life without being dependent on substances any longer.

Take that first step. Call us today at (630) 368-9100 so we can better understand your problem and help you set up an appointment. If you’d like us to call you,fill out our online contact form and one of our trained counselors will contact you. You’re in good hands with us at Leyden.